A green swimming pool is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and bacteria

Do you have a green swimming pool? There are three causes of green pool water. The first is a lack of chlorine. Without chlorine the pool water will quickly start to grow algae and turn green. Water without chlorine, especially if it has an algae bloom, is unsafe to swim in, and can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.
The second thing that causes pool water to look green (or yellow) is pollen. Pollen gets carried into the pool water by the wind and is too small for the sand filter to remove. As the pollen builds up in the water and settles on the liner, it gives the water a green or yellow look. Despite its unattractive look, pollen is completely harmless and has no ill effects on the yourself or the pool.
The last cause of green water in pool water is metals, usually copper, that have oxidized. Metals can be introduced through source water, from some cheap algaecides, or, if the water is acidic, from the metal components of the pool, most commonly from copper heater elements. Shocking the pool will oxidize these metals, and, if there are enough metals present in the water, turn the water green. If left untreated, high amounts of metals will stain the finish of the pool.

Green Algae, Yellow/Mustard Algae and Black Algae

Algae treatment can be a bit of a hassle if you don’t know what you’re doing. First, you have to determine what type of algae you have because all have to be treated differently. You have to know the proper ratio of chlorine to water in order to prevent the algae from reoccurring. Old Oakville Pool Works can take control of your algae problem and get your pool clean, clear, balanced and ready for your enjoyment in no time. Call us today for a FREE estimate!